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Jake Knapps popular talk at FBTB21

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Two years ago this crazily humble and down-to-earth person, as well as the inventor of the Design sprint, was one of our most appreciated speakers at FBTB. So we did the only sane thing – we asked him to come back.

And Jake accepted! But this year, however, Jake promised not to talk about design sprints, but about CEOs. And he promised not to talk about THE CEO, the one with the turtleneck and the rimless glasses.

That CEO was too much one-of-a-kind. He knew exactly what his strategy was, and how to put it out in the world. Most CEOs are not that clear about their direction, Jake says. But their job still, is to put a strategy out in the world. In this talk Jake shares, through telling stories of the ghosts in his past and what experiences they gave him, how You can be the designer that leads your CEO in that very job.