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Kat Zhou: "Designers should define and design ethical experiences"

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The creator of the Design Ethically framework and toolkit Kat Zhou’s (she/her) talked about raising our awareness of the impact we as designers have at the From Business to Buttons conference.

Designers should define and design ethical experiences and ensure they pose no significant harm.

Where ethics include anti-racism, sustainability, equitability, and compassion – posing no significant harm includes not just the elite, but also the most vulnerable. In her talk, Kat Zhou was giving the audience the toolkit to do these things. Helping us pinpoint what can drive our product team, the company where we work, the tech industry, or the racial capital system.

Kat Zhou applies virtue ethics to tech and with her framework she explains how safety, transparency, and autonomy can help designers make positive changes in our day-to-day work. As designers, we have the privilege and with that privilege comes responsibility. This talk gives a huge incentive to answer the rhetorical question “What are you doing with your power? Who are you uplifting?”.

Watch Kat's keynote speech: "Design Ethically: From Imperative to Action"