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Kim Goodwin: What your user journey is probably missing

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Kim Goodwin was one of last years most appreciated speakers on FBTB, with her talk on identifying organisational culture, and choosing your UX tactics accordingly. Having her on stage again this year brought a lot of anticipation. And she delivered.

Journey maps are becoming a natural part of every designers tool box, but still many of them miss the mark. According to Goodwin, a good journey map should pin down problems, show how to fix them and not the least, identify opportunities. If you have a map that does that, then you have done better than most. The amount of polish on the deliverable it self comes second to the content in this matter. Post-it notes or white board sketches can do the trick. 

Kim Goodwin gave further details on the structure of a well built journey map, and urged designers to acknowledge that a user journey will span other brands touchpoints too. Taking them into account is necessary to get the whole picture of what your users is actually experiencing. 

Watch the video form Kim's talk to learn how service design needs to adress the hidden aspects of a service, such as the organisational culture, to provide the best service possible to a user. That is the difficult part of the problem. Brace yourself for a minimum of 3–5 years of work to change company culture, and that is assuming that you have executive buy-in. 
And if you wanna learn all about Internet-eating-mutant squirrels, you are in for a treat.