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Last chance to join a FBTB Design Lunch – with Andrew La Monica

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The fourth and last of the 2022 series of Design Lunches is approaching. And our last guest has a hefty track record of working with Brand strategy and Design leadership with some big names.

Meet Andrew La Monica.

Andrew has a long experience in Design Leadership. For example, he has been Global design Director and Brand Strategist at GE, and he has helped the International Olympic Committee as a Global Design & Brand Executive.

Free Design Lunch on April 6th

Now, as he has joined us at the From Business to Buttons line-up and host of an exciting workshop together with fellow keynote speaker Kimberly Hicks, we are keen to get to know Andrew even better before the conference.

Join us at the free digital design lunch!

WHEN? on April 6th, at 12pm CET.
WHERE? It's free and digital on Zoom, just register through the ticket site.

And hey, take a look at the design conference From Business to Buttons as well. You might want to join us in Stockholm on May 13th for a unique experience with 600 other designers and professionals.