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Last year’s favourite speaker returns to FBTB23

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We call her the one-liner machine, but you might know her as the Design Anthropologist & Psychologist Anna Kirah. Last year she blew the audience's minds with her talk “Fuck Design Thinking”, which got her one of the highest audience ratings to date. Now, she’s back.

At the From Business to Buttons conference 2022, Anna Kirah gave us a lot to think about, questioning one of the most common processes of working for designers today. “Fuck Design Thinking” is a bold statement to throw in the faces of 700 designers sitting in an audience before you – but it worked.

— Anna is the kind of person you just want to be in the company of, I would love to be a fly on the wall and just soak in everything she says and does. That's how Lotta and I felt after last year's FBTB conference, and it turned out we weren't the only ones, says Sara Yxhage from the FBTB program committee.

Because after the FBTB22 conference, it was clear the audience felt the same way, rewarding Anna’s talk with the highest rating at the conference last year.

This time, the FBTB program committee, containing Design Managers Lotta Gerdt and Sara Yxhage, gave her free reins, telling her, “You can talk about whatever you want! What do you want to say to our audience?”.

It's all about our humanity. About being vulnerable. There is no such thing as 'just professional'; we are all human. That is what determines whether or not you succeed in collaboration. – Anna Kirah

– And she told us a story that brought tears to our eyes again. We are suckers for Anna Kirah, and we are so looking forward to her coming and talking about our theme – Humanity – and building hope in a time of uncertainty, says Sara Yxhage.

Workshop with Anna Kirah

A new addition to her participation this year is a brand new workshop. This time around, we are lucky enough to get even more inspiration and knowledge out of Anna. In addition to her talk, she will offer a workshop on May 11th on creating the conditions for good collaboration as a facilitator, using a few essential tools for transdisciplinary teams.

Read more about the workshop “Facilitating transdisciplinary workshops – tools for leading your team to success.

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