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Legendary game designer Kellee Santiago at FBTB18!

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She works at Google, she has developed the legendary games Flower and Journey – Kellee Santiago is one of the speakers at From Business to Buttons 2018! – Kellee works differently, says Henrik Vårhäll, User Experience Designer at inUse.

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Flower and Journey are games you must definitly have heard of. 

Flower was one of the first two video games to become part of the permanent collection at The Smithsonian American Art Museum. Her next game, Journey, became one of the fastest-selling games on PlayStation Network and was named Game of the Year.

Kellee Santiago is a video game developer, producer, investor and co-founder of thatgamecompany. We are very happy to have her as a speaker at From Business to Buttons 2018.

– Games more often than not feature intricate user interfaces that keep the player up to date on health, location and other important things. Kellee works differently. Her games are stripped in that regard and instead focus on audio and visual cues to guide the player, says Henrik Vårhäll, User Experience Designer at inUse.

– Clever camera angles, guiding lights and the occasional mysterious stranger are just some of the things that help you along, instead of getting a giant arrow or GPS slapped in your view. The big mountain at the horizon in Journey sets the goal for the game, and you immediately feel a bit lost when it’s out of sight – just like you would in real life. 'Immersion' is probably a key word her team uses a lot.

– Personally I immensely enjoyed Journey through and through, and I think it’s safe to say it has the best sand-surfing simulator in any game.

Santiago is currently working at Google, bringing games and apps to new platforms for immersive computing, and is co-founder of the angel investment fund Indie Fund. In 2010, she became a TED Fellow and was recognized as one of The Ten Most Influential Women in Games of the Past Decade.

So are you into gaming? Or business? Or tech? Or interested in Google – dont miss Santiago's talk!

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