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From Florida to Malmö

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– I came to inUse due to the expertise in UX, says Lina Alvis, new UX Designer at the Malmö office.

– For a long time now, I have been looking for a company that wants to work with you and mentor you in the process of becoming a UX Designer. I had heard of inUse through the inUse Academy and how companies like Volvo have had workshops to help them design better processes. 

Lina Alvis just started as a UX Designer in our Malmö Office. She was born in Sweden but raised in Mexico and studied in USA:

– After I finished my studies in Advertising Design in SCAD, US, I moved to Tampa, Florida, to work as a digital designer at an Ad Agency. While there, I noticed that not a lot of attention was giving to UX and understanding more of the user, something which I had began to be very curious of. So, after 3 years I decided to quit the sunny living and move to cold Sweden in order to study a masters in Interaction Design.

Lina did her masters at Malmö Högskola and it helped her to really understand the scope of UX, how much it covers and how many possibilitys there are for designers to shape the experience:

–  After graduation, I went to work for Lynk&Co in Gothenburg where I worked as a UI/UX designer, creating experiences for the whole car flow, from before you go in the car, to after you have left it parked. 

To go from sunny Florida to Sweden is a big change, but Lina Alvis likes it.

– Sweden is known for their design skills and therefore I wanted to come and see first hand where innovation is happening. It was a big shock coming straight from Florida but the cold was manageable, the darkness it what really still shocks me!