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Monthly Visual Forecast – #5

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"Competence, like truth, beauty and contact lenses, is in the eye of the beholder" - Lawrence J. Peter

As the sun shines brighter on the northern hemisphere nowadays I can't help seeing warm bursts of colour everywhere, perhaps connected to an optimistic feeling of a positive future or simply because the days seem longer.

Whatever the case might be, I believe bold colours and a brighter future go hand in hand.

Anyway, here's my recent visual pile of stuff I fancy. 


PLUS body wash

PLUS personal care

PLUS created a waste-free body wash in dissolvable packaging.
Instead of shipping plastic bottles around with body wash, which includes up to 90% water anyway, PLUS made dehydrated sheets that instantly foam and dissolve once water is applied. Equally beautiful is the package design with homogenous typefaces and vibrant colours printed with water-based dissolvable inks.


Carrot Dogs

Carrot Dogs

As a way to compete against less healthy and unsustainable fast-food brands, Carrot Dogs took help from Caserne to design not only a bold custom typeface to go with the brand identity but also a lavish and colourful packaging.


Schoolhouse Tyrol

Schulhaus Tirol (Schoolhouse Tyrol)

A fresh and colourful example of a restaurant website, based on the school building's legacy and atmosphere where the restaurant is situated.


Wenjing Yang

Wenjing Yang Illustrations

Some great examples of using bold complementary colours to create a contrast that stands out yet serve as a lovely and matching palette. 


Felix Sandvoss

Felix Sandvoß's childishly playful type designs are both nostalgic and beautiful.


That's all from me folks:)

Remember! You can choose to stay open-minded and bold, it might take you places.