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Second speaker: Eric A. Meyer

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The second speaker to be announced for From Business to Buttons is a true Web legend. He is also the author of ”Design for Real Life”. We give you – Eric A. Meyer!

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Eric A. Meyer is the second speaker to be announced for From Business to Buttons 2017. In his latest book ”Design for Real Life” he teaches us how to build a business case for making decisions through a lens of kindness, and how to design with not just empathy, but compassion.

– Eric is here to talk about ”Engaging with compassion”. Sometimes we as designers tend to forget that the users, or customers if you will, are using our products and services in very different situations, and in very different emotional states. Eric has a lot to teach us, and we’re very happy to have him as one of the speakers at FBTB17, says Johan Berndtsson, COO and Co-Founder at inUse.

As more and more people come online, and more and more of our lives are conducted online, designers and developers face an inescapable challenge: we create for millions (or billions), but every one of those engagements is uniquely personal.  In such an environment, it's easy to fall victim to unquestioned assumptions about our work and those who use it, causing offense or even harm where none was intended and risking all the trust we might hope to establish.  It's time to challenge ourselves to uncover our blind spots, be mindful of how we build, and think of our users with not just empathy, but compassion.

Eric has been working on the Web since 1993, and also happens to be one of the world’s greatest CSS experts, and co-founder of An Event Apart.

– What’s perhaps most impressive with Eric is his ability to see everything as a possibility for learning, and for his generosity and willingness to share his experiences. Almost 20 years ago he started teaching the world how to use CSS, and today he’s teaching us how to be humble in the face of our users, how to design for humans regardless of their abilities, says Emil Björklund, Technical Director at inUse.

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