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She will host From Business to Buttons 2016

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We want April 15 to be a day of excitement. A day of learning, inspiration and of course: It has to be fun! That’s why we chose the extremely talented and funny Karin Adelsköld to host From Business to Buttons.

– I feel exited and happy! It’s a great line-up and I’m specially looking forward to Al Gore and Margaret Gould Stewart at the conference. In the case of Al Gore I want to know his take on inclusive design for citizens. With Facebook's Margaret Gould Stewart I’m curious to hear her thoughts on the future of social networks. A year ago Facebook were on a downfall but now they claimed the spot as an acknowledged news channel – that journey is amazing.

One web site a week

Karin Adelsköld started her career as a journalist in public service radio SR in the early 90’s. Her coverage and main focus was the Internet, since it was brand new.

– I remember that I did stories on newly launched web sites. On average one big web site was released every week in Sweden. It sounds insane now but back then I reported what content they had on their sites and if it was easy or hard to navigate.

More passion – less tech

In 2008 Karin started her very own site: Lilla Gumman, a project/blog about technology that had women as its target group. It was truly one of a kind when it started. She ran the project for 7 years trying to take focus away from technical specifications, lifting the perspective up to the user experience.

– I’ve always claimed that it’s about people and the social interaction – not technology itself. We wanted to shift focus to more passion and less technical specifications. That really shocked people when we started Lilla Gumman.

– Nowadays, no one would even think to question that the user experience is extremely important. 

Digitaldagen next

Besides being a free agent moderator Karin Adelsköld also has regular commitments as a journalist, stand-up comedian and she’s also involved in Digitaldagen in Östersund.

Don’t miss From Business to Buttons on April 15. 

Foto: Jessica Lund