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Skype: Phone in a phone

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Skype Konferensen kommer allt närmare. Ett av de mest intressanta seminarierna på konferensen är "How Skype became a phone on a phone", med Skype och Ocean Observations.

"The highly popular little piece of software that makes communicating with people around the world easy and fun was born on PCs in 2003. Two years later it was time for the application to move on to mobile platforms. This was a challenging and interesting task where the designers from both Skype and Ocean had to find the perfect match between the known behaviour of the Skype application and the native interaction and visualization patterns of the mobile platforms. While Skype should stand on it's own values, it also had to be as integrated as possible in the phone to create a smooth user experience."

På konferensens webbplats finns mer information om detta semarie och det övriga programmet.

/Johan Berndtsson