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The template for Impact Maps is here!

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Finally the template for Impact Maps is here! The template to use when documenting your Impact Map. It is very straightforward and clear on what to do and not to do when defining impact, users, user needs and capabilities.

People working in IllustratorSketch and Omnigraffle can download the template and start adjusting it in to your project Impact Map. We will release the same template for Mindmanager. Of course, there is also a PDF file.  

If you have questions or suggestions, please make a posting in the Facebook group or send an email to me.

Impact Map and Impact Management are developed by inUse. We hope that the methods inspire and give the best support to anyone who want to keep focus on impact when developing digital (and other) services. We appreciate if you refer to inUse when explaining the principles behind Impact Mapping and Management.  

Template in Illustrator

Template in Sketch

Template in Omnigraffle

Template in PDF

Template in Mind Manager