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Trust, authenticity, transparency, empathy – it's all Margot Bloomstein

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Margot Bloomstein's workshop "Designing for Trust" will be spot on in these times. It'll include a bold vision for the future and tactics to nurture user confidence, renew trust in your organization — and even strengthen society itself. We've had a chat with her!

You have an exciting workshop at FBTB coming up, what's the best thing about it?

– Trust, authenticity, transparency, empathy… We talk about those topics a lot in design and UX. In Trustworthy, I write about how we can make those topics concrete and practical in our work. I’m excited to discuss how we measure their impact and practice operationalizing them through tactics in content and design.

Everything is online these days – what are the main challenges with online workshopping?

– In workshops, we expect to focus, collaborate, and build knowledge together – but “together” is different when people are distributed and trying to focus from home. I’ve redesigned my workshops around different pacing and with new ways to collaborate, share, and learn from each other. Online workshopping presents some challenges, but many new benefits as well!

Are there any benefits you hadn't thought of before?

– If you’re attending an online workshop, you don’t have the distractions and discomforts of a big conference room. In fact, in some aspects, you can benefit from 1:1 engagement and discussion with the workshop facilitator. Plus, you may be able to attend workshops and conferences that were previously too distant or expensive because now there’s no travel budget required. I like that for many people, you can attend without the challenges of travel, being away from work, and leaving your family for a few days.

What will the participants gain the most out of your workshop?

– In Trustworthy, I introduce a three-part framework for design and content that prioritizes techniques to build trust. You’ll become fluent with that framework for empowering your audience, building their confidence, and nurturing their trust in your product and brand.

What are your main hopes for the whole FBTB conference? What will you as a speaker and a workshop leader experience do you think?

– With trust and cynicism affecting so much of our work – in every industry – I’m excited to get the perspective in Trustworthy into the hands and hearts of people who can run with it. The challenges that affect our economy and undermine so many businesses didn’t start in design – but as designers, we are perfectly positioned to address these problems. FBTB brings together so many people who can be a force for change and enable our businesses to be a force for good.

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