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Utkastare - det senaste inom IT-säkerhet

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Usb_bouncer Via Popgadget hittade jag det senaste inom IT-säkerhet. En USB-driven utkastare.

"On paper, this smartly dressed guy looks perfect. For a measly one-time payment of about $20, he promises to guard your computer indefinitely with an intimidating lack of expression and a built-in motion sensor disguised as a jacket button. As soon as movement is detected, the USB- or battery-powered bouncer will growl out one of six phrases, including the rather hilarious You're cruisin' for a bruisin' and the more typical You're not comin' anywhere near here lookin' like that."

Jaha, det är väl bara att slanta upp. Säkerhet är A och O, så vem vågar låta bli?

/Johan Berndtsson