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UX Strategy Workshop: “To stop people from building products that nobody wants”

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Her workshops sell out all over the world. Take the opportunity to attend one – and learn all you need about UX Strategy – when Jaime Levy is in Stockholm at From Business to Buttons.  – The techniques to stop people from building products that nobody wants, she says.

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Jaime Levy is one of the great speakers at From Business to Buttons 2017. In her talk, she’ll give you lots of how the UX Strategy works at the futuristic project Hyperloop. If you are really interested in the techniques used – don’t miss her workshop, User Experience Strategy, the following day, the 28th of April, also in Stockholm.

– My workshop is very much like “Here's the foundation. Here are the people that I’m inspired by, either leaders or people who are changing the way people think about business”, says Jaime Levy.

And the foundation for strategy in a digitized world isn’t the same old story as before.

– Applying traditional business strategy techniques to digital projects doesn’t work, for hundreds of reasons, she says.

To make a product that isn’t unique – then you’re wasting your life. And you’re wasting people’s money.

The workshop is very straight forward, let’s hear Jaime Levy’s own words from our Skype conversation:

– Today everybody know what UX design is. So I don’t have to spend that much time on that.

– I get straight into how to apply techniques, for example, I teach how to do a competitive research analysis. And instead of just teaching like “let’s look at the competitors and say how much fundings do they have, how many users do they have, is it a vertical or horizontal marketplace…”. Instead I show everybody how to find all that data. And then I try to teach them how to triangulate that data so they can understand how you come up with something that is unique. 

– Then I teach them how to create a storyboard, that isn’t a traditional storyboard you see from an ad agency, instead we focus on the value innovation. Because if you're not going to make a product that is unique, then you’re wasting your life. And you’re wasting people’s money. So I focus on key experiences that make the product unique. For example, if you look at Uber or Airbnb – things they have done that have changed the mental models of how people go about doing things, like traveling or getting from point A to Point B. 

– And then we do storyboarding or personas. I try to de-program people from doing personas the traditional way – the wrong way – where they focus on details that are absolutely unrelated to the product. I teach how to do provisional personas, that take 15 minutes. And explain how to do customer discovery.

She talks fast, initiated and has references to it all. You will learn a lot at her workshop! 

And the workshop is important to different kinds of people, on different levels.

–  Whether you’re a UX designer at a low level or a stakeholder – with these techniques we can define what is the value proposition and stop people from building products that nobody wants.

– I’ve used these techniques for 10 years on many, many clients. They’re not theoretical, they’re not complicated and they are proven. So, hopefully, at the end of the day the people at the workshop feel that they have a toolkit.

We are sure that everybody will get a toolkit. Welcome to Stockholm in April!

– I am excited to come to Stockholm. And of course, as this conference is very prestigious. A really great fit for me because it’s focused on business and design.

Get your workshop ticket here – there are more than Jaime Levy's  – check out Eric A. Meyer's and Mike Monteiro's!