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Virtual After Work with Kim Goodwin – sign up for free

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You read it right. On Tuesday, February 21st, Kim Goodwin has invited all friends of the From Business to Buttons conference to grab a glass of something and hang out.

Kim Goodwin – Keynote speaker and Workshop facilitator

Kim Goodwin is one of the top 3 rated speakers in the history of From Business to Buttons. During Kim’s 25+ years in UX and product, both consulting and in-house, she’s managed to visit us not once, not twice – but three times before! And as the results show, her talks have always been much appreciated. Take a look at Kim's previous talks from 2014, 2015 and 2019.

Design & Leadership in Health Care

In her talk at #fbtb23, Kim will share insights from the healthcare industry. Designing for illness means understanding humans at their most vulnerable – often frightened, perhaps cognitively challenged, and probably facing a complicated set of barriers to effective care. Designing for wellness means understanding what it means for humans to thrive. And getting anything built into healthcare means figuring out how to navigate regulations, rigid processes, and complex professional cultures.

Don't miss her Workshop on May 11th, "Turning Data into Design: Journey maps, scenarios and storyboards".

Free Digital Event with Kim Goodwin

Hang out with Kim Goodwin at an After work – is that even possible? Oh yes, it is. And yes, you can!

Kim is inviting you all to a Design AW on February 21st. It's virtual, and you can grab a glass of fluids of your choice from wherever you are.

When? Tuesday, February 21st, at 5 pm CET. Sign up for the free virtual event here.