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Warm up, Learn up, here's the autumn with FBTB!

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We have one year until FBTB 2021 and we’ve decided to make the most of it. For those already in possession of a ticket, this will be a great autumn with plenty of opportunities to discuss, learn, and develop your design skills. And if you haven’t bought your tickets – now’s the time to get one.

This May we sent all of the ticket holders to FBTB  a survey. You gave us some great answers on how to enrich your conference experience leading up to May next year. Here’s a small summary of your answers:

  • You want to increase your knowledge within design. 
  • You want to get more tools and ideas to help your organizations. 
  • You want to extend and deepen your networks. 
  • And you are all interested in doing it in an interactive and digital way. 

The FBTB task force has since then worked intensively with the material. And now we're ready to show you a glimpse of the FBTB 2021 pre-event! An exclusive offer for all of you who already bought your ticket. We have tons in store for you and we are eager to get started after the summer vacation. For example:

Design Lunches

Every other week we'll host design lunches where we for example will watch some of the most legendary talks from FBTB, or a talk of our selection. You will be able to discuss it during and afterward in a perfect forum. If you're still working from home this will be your perfect lunch-learning experience. 

Case Study

Once a month we’ll invite you to a case study masterclass. Do you have a design or situation you'd like feedback or input on from this amazing group of people? This is your chance to harness the brilliant minds of our 600 designers and business professionals.

Digital hello:s

We’ll set up a hub for you to connect in advance. To say your digital ‘Howdy’, exchange ideas and mingle digitally.

FBTB2021 will be worth the wait. It’s a great place to meet, develop, and learn. We’ll start all of the activities in September 2020 and continue until May 2021. We’ll keep you posted: All the information and invitations will be sent to you and you’ll have plenty of time to sign up.

Pst. If you haven’t bought your tickets – now’s the time to get one. :)