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FBTB 2021: "What's the Question?" with Ghaida Zahran

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As a Lead Product Designer at Netflix, Ghaida Zahran states the question “How might we create a culture of curiosity?“.

For us, as designers, there is no playbook, no best practices. We are working with products and services that may have no clear industry context, the lines are blurry and we actually don’t have any answers. So, what Ghaida suggests is that we have to approach our work with curiosity.

Ghaida advocates for turning roadmaps of solutions to roadmaps of questions. For the curious, one question seems to multiply into more questions. And by being curious we discover new things, things that have the potential of making us humble. We can discover that we are wrong, and we need to get enthusiastic about that - we brought new knowledge to ourselves and our team. 

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