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You want to own a Tesla for a day?

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Tesla Motors is a proud sponsor of From Business to Buttons on April 15. They also want to give all of the visitors a little treat…

Tesla Motors is the latest addition to our list of sponsors at From Business to Buttons 2016. We are happy to have them as a partner at the conference!

In addition to being a truly innovative company, commited to create a sustainable and better world, they also have some fun surprises in store for FBTB. Some of the happenings are still a secret but we can tell you this: You have the chance to win a 24 hour test drive with a Tesla Model S.

You’ll get the to use Model S for a full day with no strings attached (...well, except you got to have a drivers license and so on). All you have to do to be a part of the raffle is to sign up at the conference on April 15th. At the end of the day we'll announce the lucky winner and get you connected with representatives from Tesla.

If you don’t win – we also have a consolation prize for the next name we pull out of the hat. The runner up wins a free test drive right after the conference ends, approximately 5:30 PM. Yepp, if you’re a Tesla fan, From Business to Buttons is the place to be. Get your tickets now and don’t forget to sign up at April 15.